Westies In Need West Highland White Terrier Rescue and Rehoming

West Highland White Terrier Rescue and Rehoming

Westies In Need

Rehoming Westies throughout the UK

Westies In Need West Highland White Terrier Rescue and Rehoming
Westies In Need West Highland White Terrier Rescue and Rehoming
Westies In Need West Highland White Terrier Rescue and Rehoming
Westies In Need West Highland White Terrier Rescue and Rehoming
Westies In Need West Highland White Terrier Rescue and Rehoming
Westies In Need West Highland White Terrier Rescue and Rehoming
Westies In Need West Highland White Terrier Rescue and Rehoming
Westies In Need West Highland White Terrier Rescue and Rehoming

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Westies In Need West Highland White Terrier Rescue and Rehoming

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Westies In Need

Westies In Need West Highland White Terrier Rescue and Rehoming

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Westies In Need West Highland White Terrier Rescue and Rehoming

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Note from Mo

I do thank everyone who watches the website, and thank you all for your kind messages
As most of you know we are very dedicated 'family' of volunteers who all feel very strongly about looking after our special dogs, and try never to turn a dog away, no-matter its age or condition.None of us take any expenses , the adoption donations we ask for partly cover vets bills (which for some dogs this can be very expensive and ongoing) there is also Grooming costs, and feeding,bathing, and all the other costs involved with the care and wellbeing of these animals.
If at anytime you can spare even a very small amount of money, this would be gratefully appreciated, to help us continue this very necessary need.

You can donate through 'pay pal' on this website.

Thank you so much


Dangerous Dogs

Over very many years we have taken in westies who 'bite' we take the view it is not the dogs fault, he may be has been teased,illtreated, miss handled, lots of reasons, we bring them in to our homes, show them they are wanted, rehabilitate with people and other animals, and keep them as long as necessary, until we are sure they are ready for their new 'forever home'.

Not only do we take in dogs through 'westies in need' we try to help other kennels,pounds,other rescues, to help many of these dogs.

Recently a westies in need fosterer (with many, many, years of experience, took in a blind jack russell who had been kept in a cupboard most of his life as he was considered to be untrustworthy with people and children, the owner was going to have this dog put to sleep, this fosterer was given a brief outline of this dog, she then travelled 100 miles to collect the dog and bring him back to her home.With blind dogs they normally follow other dogs,and soon get used to not bumping into things.This dog did not, he was aggressive with her other dogs, and repeatedly banged his head against the wall, he was totally distressed. She had to make a decision to take this dog to her vet to be put to sleep, for the safety of herself,her dogs, and anyone else the dog came into contact with this poor dog.How she managed to get this dog to the vet without been savaged, I will never know, it took 4 staff at the vet to hold this dog, again it was banging its head on the wall and the table. He is now at peace.
and they say lightening cannot strike twice in the same place, well it has.
The same fosterer took a 5 month old cocker spaniel in, which had bitten, this dog was fine most of the time, but then would turn and attack for no apparent reason, she was given advice this poor dog has no quality of life, and cannot live in a normal enviroment. The person who handed to dog in has been contacted to collect this dog (which we do not really recommend as this dog willl most likely to be put into kennels, as he cannot be rehomed, and will then live a institutional exsistance with no quality of life) or he will be put to sleep, to end his misery.
Because of this we will no longer be taking into rescue any dog from an unknown source, but will still try to help other rescues, and kennels, and pounds, as we have in the past.

This wonderfui fosterer is so stressed I will not allow her to take in any more dogs, and hopefully she will recover from the dreadful situation, she has been put in.


Please keep this wonderful fosterer in your thoughts

Lovely dogs and lovely people

We are very privilaged to have contact with so many wonderful dogs, and on the whole so many lovely people!
We have a lovely following on the website, sometimes with people who for whatever reason cannot adopt a dog, and people who need advice for their dogs.
Recently we gave advice to a lady who's westie was unwell, this morning I received a beautiful card from Marion who lives in Limerick, with a very kind donation towards the costs of the treatment for the 2 ex puppy farm breeding bitches- Thank you so much Marion, and all the other kind people who keep these poorly dogs in their thoughts

Mo and Ian

urgent fosterers required

We urgently need fosterers to join our friendly team, must be 'westie wise' please contact for a chat, and/or download an complete an application to foster from the website and e mail to me

I look forward to hearing from you to help these little dogs

Fosterer in South Yorkshire urgently required
Fosterer in South urgently required (Kent area)
Fosterer in Midlands urgently required
More dogs needing to come into rescue

Nottingham area
Sheffield area

Still need fosteres
South Coast

Foster homes needed urgently

South Wales

please bare in mind some dogs who come into foster are traumatised so we do not foster or re home when there are young children in the home

Us at West House

I have taken the decision we cannot take any more foster dogs into us here,we have some problem dogs, and the many years I have been doing this is taking a toll on my health,my home needs attention,and we do not have any time out.
I will continue to foster the dogs we have, but any more needing to come into rescue will need to go to other of our foster places.
We really need more good foster homes, so if anyone can help please complete an application to foster from the website and e mail to me

Thank You
update thank you to everyone and as you will see we are still taking in more dogs here, but we have got some lovely new good fosters, and are are always needing more!

I am having to start being more strict and not answering the phone after 7pm some people are still phoning none emergency well after this time, from now on, I will not answer, we have a message service, if it is an emergency I do check messages and will return your call, thank you

At my great age I can just about manage the internet and web site, but I do not do text so anyone sending a text I will not respond, and these are usually from mobiles, and we do say on our voicemail if you are using a mobile, please call later

despite my request 3 years ago, I am still receiving calls after 7pm, if you phone and it is an emergency then please leave a message and I will contact you, if it is not an emergency, which most of the calls are not, then please try to phone between 9am - 4pm, if you do phone between these hours I will normally answer, unless I am dealing with the dogs, or trying to eat a meal, I am sure you will find I am more available than many 'kennels' and rescues, we are all always busy, so please bear this in mind, thank you



we have not moved address, so please remember again, we live very remote, we do not receive a mobile phone signal , so please use our landline no 01748 884998, nor do we have voicetext, photomessaging etc

A Big Thank You

I really do not know how to put into words , how to thank all you very special people, who we consider you our good friends, and cannot thank you enough for all your kind messages, and cards, and wonderful donations, they have made us cry, and laugh. We really appreciate your time and kindness, it is so wonderful all the Westies have so many people thinking and caring for them.
We hope you all have a better 2013, with lots of love, Mo,Ian and all the fluffties xxx

Sorry but we are no longer able, because of cost,to post out applications to adopt, if you do not have access to the website/internet please send a large sae to us and we will post out an application

thank you
update 30.12.13

Well another year nearly over, and again, lots of westies gone to there new forever homes, and still more needing to come into rescue. We and others have had sadness in our own dogs going over 'Rainbow Bridge' but we can draw comfort knowing they are now free from pain, and have all their doggy friends to run free with.

Again I cannot thank you all enough for all the support, donations, and wonderful cards and messages received throughout the year, we have so many true and good friends gathered over the years, and could not carry on without you, you are always there for us in sad, and good times.
Thank you all so much, especially all the westies and other dogs we have all been able to help this year

Mo and Ian xxx


27.01.13 updated 14.04.16

as most of you are aware because we always have so many dogs in our home, we do not have spare time to do any fundraising, we are very grateful for all the help our supporters provide.
I also worry about joining organisations who offer to help but in return want us to promote their products, which we do not believe in doing.
But we have just joined an organisation called Easy Funding.co.uk
if you would like to take a look at the URL http:/www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/westiesinneed.
Thank You


05.04.13 updated 14.04.16 unfortunately same message

I know most of you know we have had a HUGE vet bill for one of our poorly westies, and I cannot thank you all enough for your donations towards this, you are all very special and we could not continue to rescue and re home without your continued support, but in saying this when we accept a dog into rescue we do ask for a donation, this goes towards ALL the dogs we have in foster, it is happening more and more now that people will agree to make a donation when we accept a dog in, but then we never receive these donations, and more often than not the dogs we accept need vet treatment, including, castrating, spaying, grooming etc etc and other behavioural/skin problems, we have a wonderful team of fosters, who take these dogs in as part of their homes, and provide all the care the dogs need

We do not ever want to get to the stage where we have to refuse to take dogs into rescue, but on a practical point we cannot continue to accept dogs into us with sometimes very costly needs, and yet these are the dogs that really need to be helped

Thank you


Problems with downloading docs

I am getting various calls and e mails from people who have iphones, etc to say they can download docs, but cannot complete and e mail to me
these docs are viewed on these devices as 'read only' and need an app which usually can be downloaded free, so if you are experiencing this problem please download Microsoft word, and, or, pdf so you can complete the necessary doc and e mail to me, thank you


this westie needed to come into rescue, his owners no longer had time for him, he was given to people to look after him, but they had a cat, and as most of you know terriers and cats are usually a 'no go' unless they have been brought up together, so we accepted him into rescue, he is in foster with Sue and Alistair near Stockton on Tees.
He will be 4 years old in July, castrated, vaccinated, and wormed.
he was quite stressed for the 1st day, but is now a lot calmer, and settling down very well, in this much calmer household.
this westie is doing well, but has some aggressive moments with people he meets, so Sue has kindly agreed to book him in for training so he can meet and socialise with other dogs, and people
12.09.15 update from Sue

Its a long slow progress for Mac, Better Pets have given me advise, to get Mac to socialise, but with little effect, he will not accept people into the home, which is stressful for him, and myself and Alec, he is aggressive as soon as he spots a person or a dog coming towards him. We think the aggression is down to fear. If a bike goes past he gets in an awful state, especially if he does not hear them coming up behind him
Mac is a really lovely little dog when h is on his own with us. He is somewhat idiosyncratic in what in what he does not get up to when it gets light, he lies in his basket and watches us pottering about, and gets up about half nine or ten. He often takes himself off to bed about eight thirty at night,. We have his bed in the hallway, and he stays in his bed all night. This is quite impressive considering we are trotting in and out of the loo in this time!
Mac has now been adopted by his foster Mum


on Christmas Eve I received a call from a vet in the NE to say a westie had been brought in to be pts, the vet thankfully did not want to do this, and asked if we could help, I had no foster available at such short notice, so altho we do not like using kennels I thought this maybe our only option, until I could get a foster home, after trying about 20 kennels, who were all either full, or closed, I was not having any luck, the vets closed at 1pm so the westie went back to its owner, who had already made an appointment at another vet for pts on Tuesday, thankfully we had a guardian angel who came to the rescue called Ann who lives up in North Ayrshire, she said she would travel down and collect this westie, and take him back into foster with her. She did this on Sunday.
This westie is 5 years old,he has got sore skin, for which I have posted out the wonderful Dermacton Soap Bar, and Cream, he is not castrated, but this cannot be done until his skin is much better. Where he has fur, this is very matted so hopefully he will be booked in for grooming as soon as possible.
He has settled in really well with Ann and her hubby, and their resident westie.
Ann needed to go into hospital for an operation, so we had to move Alfie to a new foster home with Christine, who has fallen in love with him, and will be adopting him soon

Tinker (Twinkle)

Little Tinker who we have nicknamed Twinkle was owned by a lady who could no longer care for her, so she went to live with people who live in Kent, but they felt they could not cope with her, she was quite demanding. We arranged transport to collect this westie and take her to a foster in Lincolnshire, the foster has 2 westies, one being a female, who was not keen on little Tinker, so on Monday she travelled up to meet with me, and she is now in foster with us in North Yorkshire. She had her 10th birthday in January, but is quite lively, and a lovely nature, she is microchipped, vaccinated, and spayed.
We were told she was very demanding, and could not be left on her own at any time. I know its early days yet, but we put her to bed with the other dogs on Monday night, she barked for a while, but I just told her to settle down, which she did, and she then slept until about 6.30 am, we and all the dogs went out yesterday, and she was fine travelling, eating her trophy food fine morning and tea time, went to bed last night with the others, no peek from her all night until she heard me moving around upstairs this morning. A real treasure, we will not be rushing to re home her as we feel she has had quite an unsettling time over the last few weeks, and needs time to 'chill out', the other dogs are fine with her, we think when she is ready for a new forever home she would like to live with at least another dog in the home, or an adopter who she could have all to herself !
update 25.02.16

this little westie is a real sweetheart, gets on fine with all the other dogs here, loves to play, and loves attention and cuddles
sorry the start date on this post was dated 2015, should have read 2016, my mistake, sorry

This westie is lovely, especially if you like to get up early on a morning, she is very friendly, but we had an approved applicant who came to meet her a few weeks ago, all the dogs made a fuss of him, but little madam did not want to know ! so she did not go, we have since re homed another westie with this man

This westie is more like a 2 year old than a 10 year old, she is lovely, and more than ready for a new forever home



Jack recently came into temp foster with Richard and Janie in Kent, this big westie has had a poor start in life, he is only 2 and a half years old, but lived in a home which was totally unsuitable, had little training, and we believe was 'over fussed' by a child in the home, who had some mental health problems, which made Jack growl when touched. Richard and Janie did so well with him, and he became socialised with their many westies and scottie.
He is now in foster with Sue in Surrey, and is doing very well
He is microchipped, castrated, wormed, flea treated, and vaccinated.
He has improved so much since coming into rescue, and Sue and Jim are continuing with his training and behaviour
thank you for all the interest shown in Jack, but he has had a set back, and is not ready for re homing at this time

I am sorry to say there was a bad incident where Jack bit dear Sue, Richard and Janie went to collect him, and he stayed back at their home, we had an application to adopt him, but we said he was not ready for re homing due to the problem of him biting, but after Janie and myself had many talks with the applicant we did agree that they could foster him, and see how he settled, and if there was any problem at any time then Richard and Janie would go and collect him
This was a couple of weeks ago, and he is doing really well, Richard and Janie called to see him last Friday (29th April) and they said the difference in him was amazing, he was much less stressed, quite chilled out, lets hope this little chap is over the worst of his fears and stress


Tilly needed to come into rescue quite urgently has her owner died very suddenly and the husband works long hours.
She is 10 years old, now microchipped, spayed, flea and worm treated. We took her to our vets yesterday for a full check over, she has sore eyes, which have not been treated correctly previously, so she has now had a anti biotic injection because the infection has spread to the glands in her body, she was also prescribed eye drops which we are using twice daily. She only has a few teeth, but her gums are healthy. She has had 2 baths which she really enjoyed. She has settled in very well considering the stress she has been under over the last week, where her quiet world has been turned upside down
This westie is so lovely, her eyes are so much better, she was overweight when she came in, but is now slowly losing some weight, and is eating her Trophy food without a problem

Tilly has been back to the vets for a further check, she is doing so well, and her eyes are much improved, and she has lost half a kilo in weight, she is a lovely girl, very well behaved
update 14.05.16
Eyes now much better, went for grooming yesterday, lovely big
girl ! - sorry just realised I had put' not much better' should have put 'now much better' - just updated


We have been trying to get this poor westie into rescue since last year, but the 'owner' did not want him to come into rescue. We think he is about 11 years old, and you can see he has been very badly neglected, and his very sore and blackened skin left untreated
Thankfully now he is safe, in foster with Janet, and his treatment has started, we are using totally natural products, he will have regular baths using the Dermacton Soap Bar, and the Dermacton Cream massaged into his sore skin on a daily basis, we will use the Dermacton Spray for his feet and paws. The Trophy Small Bite Holistic food is on its way for him.
Jake will be in long term foster with Janet, we will not be re homing him


Fergus needed to come into rescue because of owners relationship breakdown, so he went with owner to live with her parents, but they had a great dane, and the dogs did not get on together
He is in foster with Sue in North Yorkshire, her partner has a young granddaughter who Fergus has nipped, so we need an experienced foster/adopter for him, with no young children
He is 4 years old, castrated, microchipped, vaccinated, flea and worm treated


This westie needed to come into rescue very urgently on Monday, due to the sudden death of his owner, our wonderful volunteers Richard and Janie changed their plans for the day, and went to Surrey to collect him, he is now settling into foster with them, and their Westies and Scottie, in Kent.
Trevor is just 17 months old, castrated, microchipped, vaccinated, flea and worm treated.
Trevor's life has been turned upside down over the last few days, but with the care he is receiving he is doing very well
update 24.05.16
Trevor is doing so well, and is really starting to enjoy being a puppy, he has lived with cats, in his previous home

If you are interested in adopting a dog, please download and fill in the questionnaire


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