Westies In Need West Highland White Terrier Rescue and Rehoming

West Highland White Terrier Rescue and Rehoming

Westies In Need

Rehoming Westies throughout the UK

Westies In Need West Highland White Terrier Rescue and Rehoming
Westies In Need West Highland White Terrier Rescue and Rehoming
Westies In Need West Highland White Terrier Rescue and Rehoming
Westies In Need West Highland White Terrier Rescue and Rehoming
Westies In Need West Highland White Terrier Rescue and Rehoming
Westies In Need West Highland White Terrier Rescue and Rehoming
Westies In Need West Highland White Terrier Rescue and Rehoming
Westies In Need West Highland White Terrier Rescue and Rehoming

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Westies In Need West Highland White Terrier Rescue and Rehoming

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Westies In Need

Westies In Need West Highland White Terrier Rescue and Rehoming

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Westies In Need West Highland White Terrier Rescue and Rehoming

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Note from Mo

I do thank everyone who watches the website, and thank you all for your kind messages
As most of you know we are very dedicated 'family' of volunteers who all feel very strongly about looking after our special dogs, and try never to turn a dog away, no-matter its age or condition.None of us take any expenses , the adoption donations we ask for partly cover vets bills (which for some dogs this can be very expensive and ongoing) there is also Grooming costs, and feeding,bathing, and all the other costs involved with the care and wellbeing of these animals.
If at anytime you can spare even a very small amount of money, this would be gratefully appreciated, to help us continue this very necessary need.

You can donate through 'pay pal' on this website.

Thank you so much


Dangerous Dogs

Over very many years we have taken in westies who 'bite' we take the view it is not the dogs fault, he may be has been teased,illtreated, miss handled, lots of reasons, we bring them in to our homes, show them they are wanted, rehabilitate with people and other animals, and keep them as long as necessary, until we are sure they are ready for their new 'forever home'.

Not only do we take in dogs through 'westies in need' we try to help other kennels,pounds,other rescues, to help many of these dogs.

Recently a westies in need fosterer (with many, many, years of experience, took in a blind jack russell who had been kept in a cupboard most of his life as he was considered to be untrustworthy with people and children, the owner was going to have this dog put to sleep, this fosterer was given a brief outline of this dog, she then travelled 100 miles to collect the dog and bring him back to her home.With blind dogs they normally follow other dogs,and soon get used to not bumping into things.This dog did not, he was aggressive with her other dogs, and repeatedly banged his head against the wall, he was totally distressed. She had to make a decision to take this dog to her vet to be put to sleep, for the safety of herself,her dogs, and anyone else the dog came into contact with this poor dog.How she managed to get this dog to the vet without been savaged, I will never know, it took 4 staff at the vet to hold this dog, again it was banging its head on the wall and the table. He is now at peace.
and they say lightening cannot strike twice in the same place, well it has.
The same fosterer took a 5 month old cocker spaniel in, which had bitten, this dog was fine most of the time, but then would turn and attack for no apparent reason, she was given advice this poor dog has no quality of life, and cannot live in a normal enviroment. The person who handed to dog in has been contacted to collect this dog (which we do not really recommend as this dog willl most likely to be put into kennels, as he cannot be rehomed, and will then live a institutional exsistance with no quality of life) or he will be put to sleep, to end his misery.
Because of this we will no longer be taking into rescue any dog from an unknown source, but will still try to help other rescues, and kennels, and pounds, as we have in the past.

This wonderfui fosterer is so stressed I will not allow her to take in any more dogs, and hopefully she will recover from the dreadful situation, she has been put in.


Please keep this wonderful fosterer in your thoughts

Lovely dogs and lovely people

We are very privilaged to have contact with so many wonderful dogs, and on the whole so many lovely people!
We have a lovely following on the website, sometimes with people who for whatever reason cannot adopt a dog, and people who need advice for their dogs.
Recently we gave advice to a lady who's westie was unwell, this morning I received a beautiful card from Marion who lives in Limerick, with a very kind donation towards the costs of the treatment for the 2 ex puppy farm breeding bitches- Thank you so much Marion, and all the other kind people who keep these poorly dogs in their thoughts

Mo and Ian

urgent fosterers required

We urgently need fosterers to join our friendly team, must be 'westie wise' please contact for a chat, and/or download an complete an application to foster from the website and e mail to me

I look forward to hearing from you to help these little dogs

Fosterer in South Yorkshire urgently required
Fosterer in South urgently required (Kent area)
Fosterer in Midlands urgently required
More dogs needing to come into rescue

Nottingham area
Sheffield area

Still need fosteres
South Coast
update 09.12.13

Foster homes needed urgently

South Wales

please bare in mind some dogs who come into foster are traumatised so we do not foster or re home when there are young children in the home

Us at West House

I have taken the decision we cannot take any more foster dogs into us here,we have some problem dogs, and the many years I have been doing this is taking a toll on my health,my home needs attention,and we do not have any time out.
I will continue to foster the dogs we have, but any more needing to come into rescue will need to go to other of our foster places.
We really need more good foster homes, so if anyone can help please complete an application to foster from the website and e mail to me

Thank You
update 21.01.13thank you to everyone and as you will see we are still taking in more dogs here, but we have got some lovely new good fosters, and are are always needing more!

I am having to start being more strict and not answering the phone after 7pm some people are still phoning none emergency well after this time, from now on, I will not answer, we have a message service, if it is an emergency I do check messages and will return your call, thank you


At my great age I can just about manage the internet and web site, but I do not do text so anyone sending a text I will not respond, and these are usually from mobiles, and we do say on our voicemail if you are using a mobile, please call later

A Big Thank You

I really do not know how to put into words , how to thank all you very special people, who we consider you our good friends, and cannot thank you enough for all your kind messages, and cards, and wonderful donations, they have made us cry, and laugh. We really appreciate your time and kindness, it is so wonderful all the Westies have so many people thinking and caring for them.
We hope you all have a better 2013, with lots of love, Mo,Ian and all the fluffties xxx

Sorry but we are no longer able, because of cost,to post out applications to adopt, if you do not have access to the website/internet please send a large sae to us and we will post out an application

thank you
update 30.12.13

Well another year nearly over, and again, lots of westies gone to there new forever homes, and still more needing to come into rescue. We and others have had sadness in our own dogs going over 'Rainbow Bridge' but we can draw comfort knowing they are now free from pain, and have all their doggy friends to run free with.

Again I cannot thank you all enough for all the support, donations, and wonderful cards and messages received throughout the year, we have so many true and good friends gathered over the years, and could not carry on without you, you are always there for us in sad, and good times.
Thank you all so much, especially all the westies and other dogs we have all been able to help this year

Mo and Ian xxx



as most of you are aware because we always have so many dogs in our home, we do not have spare time to do any fundraising, we are very grateful for all the help our supporters provide.
I also worry about joining organisations who offer to help but in return want us to promote their products, which we do not believe in doing.
But we have just joined an organisation called Easy Funding.co.uk
if you would like to take a look at the URL http:/www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/westiesinneed.
Thank You



I know most of you know we have had a HUGE vet bill for one of our poorly westies, and I cannot thank you all enough for your donations towards this, you are all very special and we could not continue to rescue and re home without your continued support, but in saying this when we accept a dog into rescue we do ask for a donation, this goes towards ALL the dogs we have in foster, it is happening more and more now that people will agree to make a donation when we accept a dog in, but then we never receive these donations, and more often than not the dogs we accept need vet treatment, including, castrating, spaying, grooming etc etc and other behavioural/skin problems, we have a wonderful team of fosters, who take these dogs in as part of their homes, and provide all the care the dogs need

We do not ever want to get to the stage where we have to refuse to take dogs into rescue, but on a practical point we cannot continue to accept dogs into us with sometimes very costly needs, and yet these are the dogs that really need to be helped

Thank you



Hello everyone, I am in foster with San, in Essex. I needed to come into rescue because I had nipped people coming into my house, and also I did not get on with other dogs !
I am 2 years old, microchipped, castrated, and vaccinated.

San says I am doing great, I get on with her westies, and have been fine with other dogs we have met on our walks.
San is going to book me in for grooming, not sure whether I will like this or not

Well just look at me now ! what a smart boy I am, and the groomer said I was so well behaved, and I let her check my ears, and toes too
I feel I am gaining more confidence, thanks to San, my foster Mum, but because when I was a young puppy I was not socialised with other dogs, at first when I came into foster I was a bit unsure, but now I am fine with small dogs, but I can be bit naughty when I meet big dogs, San says I would benefit from going to training classes to meet big dogs, and then I would learn to trust them, and not treat them as a threat
update from San
He is a good boy on the lead, apart from passing large vans and pick-up trucks, where he wants to chase, , I am working with him on this and seeing signs of improvement
He is not keen on the noise from the big Dyson cleaner, but will sit on the sofa, or on my bed ! to get out of the way
He is very loving but not pushy for fusses and cuddles, he loves belly rubs, and does not mind being picked up
Gizmo is good at shower time and loved being towel dried, he also lets me clean his ears and eyes without any trouble, he also loves a brush.
He is an easy going dog and would fit in with other dog/s after proper introduction. He is obedient apart from when off the lead in the forest then the only thing on his mind is rabbits, and recall is zero! and he comes back in his own good time !
Gizmo is not food aggressive and will gently take food from your hand.
He will be 3 years old in March, and is still very playful, he plays daily with my westie Tuggy (Tuggy has no choice in this, but is a willing playmate)

He will be ok with older children, , but needs properly introducing and the children must not run around or he will become too excited and 'play nip'
He is fine with people who visit so long as they are dog savvy and confident., if they are nervy and unsure around dogs, then he will sense this, and sneak behind them nip to herd them to the door.I n this situation it would be best to confine him to another room until he could greet the guest properly and under supervision.
He cannot be re homed with cats- he hates them ! . He also has a dislike for horses, if he sees any animals on TV he will bark and growl at them, he thinks they are coming into his home, and that is not allowed 1
He waits patiently whilst having his coat and harness put on, and taken off, he learns very quickly, and is also an excellent guard dog, he does not miss a sound even though you think he is sleeping for England!
Gizmo is still aggressive with other dogs when out, and needs careful introduction, and supervision, then he is fine with them. I am really starting to see improvement with him.
He is a lovely boy and has bundles of character, he is a small westie, and as light as a feather to pick up.

Note from Mo
I big thank you to San for all the love, care and training she has, and is, giving to this little boy

we had an approved application for Gizzy, and the people travelled from the I of W today, with their westie, the meet did not go well with both dogs ! we do think Gizzy needs a very experienced westie owner, who can give him long walks, and spend a lot of time with him


I needed to come into rescue because I had bitten a child. I am 4 years old , I am castrated, microchipped etc
I am in foster with Sheila and Roland near Manchester.
When I first arrived I barked a lot, and wanted to be the centre of attention, my previous owners said they had problems touching my head and my collar, Sheila took his collar off as my hair was completely matted over it, and my neck was sore, I went berserk ! but I let Sheila put a new collar on, and I was fine with this. I have a yeast infection on my feet, and my right ear is very inflamed with puss coming out of it, I will be treated for these problems. Sheila gave me a bath, which I did not like, and I did not like being towel dried and tried to rip the towel up ! I have also been groomed which I liked, and gave Sheila kisses ! I am going to have some training as I do not respond to commands to 'sit' 'lie'. I walk well on a lead, and fine with other dogs, but being a typical terrier I do not like cats, bikes, scooters, pushchairs, vacuum cleaners and lawn mowers, so more training needed !

I am now learning I cannot get my own way all of the time, I have spent the day with Roland, being picked up and stroked, and lots of playing. During the course of the day I have stopped barking every time the door is closed on me, and if I start growling then Roland sits down with me telling me 'no' and stroking me, and I calm down straight away

Note from Mo

I big thank you to Sheila and Rowland for fostering Winston, and making such good progress with him in such a short space of time- sorry picture quality is not good, came through with too many pixels to upload to website, so I have scanned and posted

Winston has a lot to learn yet, and is not ready for re homing yet

Winston needed to be moved to a different foster home, he is settling in very well, and improving each day, but still has some issues before he can be re homed
update 01.12.14
This poor westie still has many problems, he has problems in movement, one of his legs is shorter than the other, he seems to have some pain with this and across his back, he has had a full scan, x rays etc at the vet, they cannot seem to find anything wrong, I have contacted the dog herbalist to see if she can make up a natural remedy to help him, it does appear he may have been injured in his early life, which has left him in some pain

Becci, who is fostering Winston, has been so good in helping Winston, who does not appear to have been walked a great deal, and will put his 'anchors on' and refuse to move, whilst on a walk, help has been sort from the dog behaviourist, and Becci is applying her suggestions, we also think he would benefit to a visit to a chiropractor, to help with his back and leg, and then maybe some hydrotherapy, so it will be quite some time before this westie is ready for his new forever home.
update from Becci 09.05.15
Winston is still very nervous when out, with people with and without dogs. He sometimes runs up to dogs when he is not sure, and barks, not aggressively, but it does scare some dogs, or they look at him not knowing what to make of him. He is good on the lead, still stubborn and walks very slow. He will run if something catches his attention. He still barks at scooters but is better with bikes and buggys. He barks when people are at the door but stops when he sees the person. He loves attention and will often bark , but mainly 'talks' to try and get it. He plays well with his toys, and is gentle and will leave them when asked. He still tries to bite the towel if I try to dry him, but it's more of a playful bite. I just get him to lie down, then he understands it is not play. On the whole he is a lovely dog just very insecure and jumpy , it has taken a long time for him to trust me. He sleeps in his bed. He will still bark at the television when he sees animals, but I am using the water spray to stop this , and leaving the room is shortening the time he barks, but to stop him altogether is going to take a very long time. having a misaligned pelvis will cause him to bark at dogs whilst he is out, as he feels inferior, and feels he has to 'get in first' ( according to vet and behaviourist) . Whilst being bathed at groomers he barks and whines so I have suggested I bathe him at home, and the groomer does the rest as he does not get as much stressed with me, but he is very good when he gets his hair cut. Overall he is a lovely westie, just very vocal and insecure.

Problems with downloading docs

I am getting various calls and e mails from people who have iphones, etc to say they can download docs, but cannot complete and e mail to me
these docs are viewed on these devices as 'read only' and need an app which usually can be downloaded free, so if you are experiencing this problem please download Microsoft word, and, or, pdf so you can complete the necessary doc and e mail to me, thank you


this westie needed to come into rescue, his owners no longer had time for him, he was given to people to look after him, but they had a cat, and as most of you know terriers and cats are usually a 'no go' unless they have been brought up together, so we accepted him into rescue, he is in foster with Sue and Alistair near Stockton on Tees.
He will be 4 years old in July, castrated, vaccinated, and wormed.
he was quite stressed for the 1st day, but is now a lot calmer, and settling down very well, in this much calmer household.
this westie is doing well, but has some aggressive moments with people he meets, so Sue has kindly agreed to book him in for training so he can meet and socialise with other dogs, and people


15.06.15 Note from Sam
Katie came into foster on 11th May, she is being fostered by Sam, in Nuneaton, Warwickshire. She is 8 months old, has had no training whatsoever, and was not house trained. She was a 'little madam', unruly, and no manners. She took to my pack like a duck to water, we were in awe how well she coped coming into a household with dogs when she had not been around them before. She is brilliant with our 5 year old son, from day 1. She was very nervous and a little snappy but she had a complete turn around now.
We have been giving Katie a lot of training and she has been brilliantly responsive to it. She is now fully house trained, she will 'sit', 'stay', get down and leave on command. She is also attending dog training classes and is a 'star' pupil.
She was very nervous and scared about being touched around her nose and face, but she has overcome this now with daily play and rough and tumble. She is a very playful puppy and very energetic, she enjoys daily walks, and has set playtimes with her toys to wear her out ! She plays lovely with my pack and tugger toys are her favourites, she spends a lot of time play tug with my pack. She loves to chase and fetch a ball too, she will bring it back to you, but her playful side will drop her front paws , ball in mouth, and wag her tail like mad wanting you to chase her. Playtime with her toys is a huge part of the day at present, we have found she is more settled and less inclined to chew anything she is not supposed to . She will let you know when it is time, and she will bring her toy to you and nudge you with it. She is good on a lead, we have been using a harness with her as all our dogs are on harnesses, but she does walk well on a collar too, she has to have the collar on at training classes.

She sleeps in a crate at night, and has to be crated when left, she is anxious at being left, and will cry, this has got better over the weeks and we have found playing with her with toys before we go out , and putting a stuffed toy in her crate, she does settle down quite quickly. She is prone to chew and remains unsettled if you leave her out of the crate when you go out.
She is becoming more and more trusting, and more and more loving as the days go by, she allows you to fuss her now , she will roll over onto her back for a belly rub, and she loves her ears scrubbed, and between her neck and ears. She allows me to hold her as a baby, and rub her belly. She likes to be brushed as well now, and allows us to brush her around her face and nose. She likes a good fuss now, and will come to you for one. She will nudge you if she thinks she is being ignored, and wants a fuss.
She is very good in the car, and short journeys, and is good at the groomers.
She gets a little bit spooked by loud noises, such as alarms, sirens, low flying planes, but with reassurance she will soon settle down. Her previous owner said she did not like ladders and ironing boards put up, but so far we have not seen any issues with either. She will get very interested in TV if there is a nature programme one, and will have a little bark or two at the TV if there is a cat or dog noise on there, but will literally just bark once or twice.
She loves the garden, also likes to roll around in the planters, and on the grass, she is a very curious dog, and loves to investigate every nook and cranny. She likes to poke her nose in the fridge too, and the kitchen cupboards if one is open.
All in all she is going to make someone a lovely addition to their family , she has come so far in such a short space of time, and she is very responsive to training.
update 01.07.15

Lucky girl Katie, will be going to her new forever home with Tina, in a few weeks time


Jack needed to come into rescue because his owner has young children, and did not have time for him, he lived in a kennel, outside.
He is now safely in foster with the Simon in Pudsey, West Yorkshire
He is 9 years young, microchipped, and castrated, Simon has taken him to the vets this morning to start his vaccinations, and he will be going to the groomers on Tuesday



Hello I needed to come into foster due to change of circumstances of my owner.
I am now in foster with David in Leicestershire
I am 6 and a half years old, microchiped, neutered, and vaccinated

David does not feel Harry is ready for re homing just yet, he has a few issues which need to be addressed


Newly arrived into foster with Sally in Peterborough, needed to come into rescue due to marriage breakdown
She is nearly 7 years old, microchipped, spayed, has already needed to go to vets this morning, due to arriving with a tick embedded at the side of her mouth, also to start her vaccinations, she also needs grooming so hopefully will be going to the groomer in a couple of days time

Picture to follow

If you are interested in adopting a dog, please download and fill in the questionnaire


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